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99 Things My Mum Loved

Barbara Klein English: 19 Comments

When my mother could not read any longer (she had macula degeneration) and her curiosity was still voracious, I would tell her of my online life. I would share stories of my blogger friends and our blogging challenges. This was for her like a window to the big wide world. And thus the idea was born to write a post …

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Homemade Yogurt

Barbara Klein English:, recipes 10 Comments

  Do you know this feeling when you are food shopping and your favourite brand of yogurt is sold out? You are in a hurry and just grab a jar, only to find out at home that it was the wrong kind. And the choices these days are: Greek yogurt, organic plain yogurt with no additives, varying in quality from …

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Temptation And Strawberry Delight

Barbara Klein English:, food 10 Comments

What is the predominant colour of food in winter? All shades of green and brown, intermingled with some white. And after a certain time I am tired of it, I have had it with soups and root vegetables, I crave fresh tastes, new to discover colours and I start dreaming of fresh white asparagus and bright red strawberries. The first …

Basler Fasnacht – Carneval de Bâle

Barbara Klein Basel, English: 16 Comments

Sometimes you do not get what you wish for and sometimes your timing sucks! Big time this year: a week before Fasnacht (carneval) I caught a cold (or so I thought) and could not practise, try to play the piccolo (or any other flute) with a cough! I finally heeded the advice to go and see my doctor. He prescribed …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Barbara Klein blog, English: 7 Comments

  When I was young Valentine’s Day was unknown in Switzerland. I was also ignorant about its gory origins. Funny, only today my Mom told me about it. It must be in our genes, probably that’s where my quirky sense of humour stems from. February 14 is my father’s birthday, he would have turned 94 this year. My Dad died …


Barbara Klein English:, recipes 11 Comments

  Is a Florentine a citizen of Florence? Do you know the origin of Florentine? According to Wikipedia it is a pastry originating from Florence and created during the Renaissance period, later it was exported to France and the French now pretend it is a French pastry. It is also a Swiss pastry, believe me! Actually, they are quite easy …

Wishing You All A Spectacular 2014!

Barbara Klein blog, care, English: 17 Comments

We have survived the opulence of the holidays and there is only a tiny portion of 2013 left. Yawn … another post on gratitude and resolutions? We are drowning in posts, article, tweets and pins of eternal gratitude and New Year’s resolutions. I beg not to be misunderstood: nothing wrong with that and kudos to those committing to resolutions and …