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When my daughter asked me in late December 2013 whether I wanted to adopt a ten months old puppy belonging to friends of her, my heart said YES and my head said OHH, WAIT A SECOND.

We then arranged a trial month in January, a period in which all three parties involved could examine whether it might lead to a permanent state.

The day Roco came to my home was January 6, 2013 – Epiphany. He wore the crown with dignity (well, he got rid of it in 10 seconds flat):


Wearing the crown with natural dignity

Roco is the offspring of a misalliance between French bulldog and German boxer, a middle sized package of muscles and joyfulness.

He can look you straight into the eyes and is quite a charmer.

He does tricks:

dog tricks

He will wait until you say “ENJOY” and then grab his goodie

When he was younger his ears droopped, he passed from this stage to half droopping and now his enormous ears stand upright:

one ear still dropping

Roco at 5 months


He loves all and everything: people, dogs, other animals, and FOOD. He has a strange definition of food: anything lying around is edible and has to be swallowed up at once. A sensible creature would sniff it first, not him: he is like a vacuum cleaner.

Can you imagine us taking a walk: NO, ROCO, DROP, STOP IT etc. etc. Trying to retrieve from his enormous mouth is quite a task: he has a firm clamp Boxer attitude – once in my mouth, I will never relinquish it.

Walking on a leash is ok when he is very very tired, try to hold an energy bundle steered by testosterone and a limitless appetite … you get the picture. I tried a dog harness in lovely red:

I do not like it

Roco’s attempt of getting rid of it

He did not like it and when strapped into it, he walked around like John Wayne. In the meantime he profited from an unattended moment and destroyed it.

I was very happy when the month of January drew to an end and it became clear that Roco was to become a permanent member of our family.

It is lovely to have a dog in my life again: to be greeted first thing in the morning with a wagging dog, eager to explore life and have new adventures:

what is this

what’s this weird animal doing on two legs?

He is absolutely fearless and prefers to play with big dogs, endlessly chasing and racing.

Once home, he turns into a lapdog, usurping all the best places:

I am watching you

I am watching you!


sleeping Roco

Roco sleeping into his 1st birthday

This week Roco turned one: Happy birthday, Roco!

Life is good and here’s to many more!




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  1. So glad you decided you were ready for another dog, Barbara!  They sure change the focus of our lives, don’t they?  Suddenly we’re outward focused again … 😉

  2. KDillabough  Hi, Kaarina, he is quite a charmer, is he not? Yep, my best decision in 2014 so far and he really keeps me on my toes. Thanks so much and have a great weekend, trust that winter will finally decide to leave your region and make place for lots of sunshine and brightly blossomed flowers, my friend!

  3. sharonoday  Good morning, Sharon, funny thing is I did not decide anything, it was my daughter. Yes, I could have said no but who can resist Roco? And you are right, they do change our focus, mine was terribly inbound …

  4. jpage.manuel  Thank you so much, Joy, he was up to his best this morning on our walk: playing with two other puppies, both twice his size, and we came home covered in mud and smiles! 🙂

  5. CorinneRodrigues  Hey, Corinne, what a pleasure to see you at Late Bloomers and thank you so much for your appreciation of Roco! He is such an adorable dog. I grew up with boxers, they are great family dogs. Will you post some pictures of yours?

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