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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

            Happy New Year and may you have a most wonderful year filled with magical moments and inspiring experiences!

  • 2016 In Pictures

    2016 In Pictures

    A picture says more than 1’000 words   January My favourite cherry tree on my daily dog walk   Vogel Gryff on January 27, 2016 Read more about it in last year’s post. Mark your agenda: next Vogel Gryff will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017.   February   My five minutes of fame […]

  • Happy Birthday, Switzerland

    Happy Birthday, Switzerland

    Many Happy Returns On Your 725th Anniversary, Switzerland! In 1291 three communities (Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden) in the mountainous region banded together to ward off outside interference, mainly against the powerful Habsburgs, and founded Switzerland. We learnt in school all about the founding of Switzerland, how canton after canton joined the confederation, the many bloody […]

  • Summer: Dog Days And Pickling Time

    Summer: Dog Days And Pickling Time

    Summer Is Pickling Time Summer is in full swing: dog days make you feel mellow and lazy. Probably you are not dreaming about standing in a hot kitchen and pickling. But this is the season for it and towards the middle of July the first produce will be offered on the markets. I love pickles […]

  • Pretty Pink Peonies

    Pretty Pink Peonies

        peony in full bloom peony detail peonies do not like rain a lovely welcome gesture for visitors

  • Tomato Ketchup Recipe (revisited)

    Tomato Ketchup Recipe (revisited)

    When I was browsing my summer recipes I came upon this tomato ketchup recipe from 2011. I want to be prepared when the fully ripe tomatoes come on the market and make a new batch of tomato ketchup in two variations: one hot and spicy ketchup and a regular one. Some Background Information The origins […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Clouds

    Wordless Wednesday: Clouds

    Fast moving white clouds meet thunderstorm The dark clouds eat up the sky Battling clouds above the cherry tree Stark contrasts between the clouds and the cherry tree      

  • Green Smoothies – Health in a Glass

    Green Smoothies – Health in a Glass

    On Green Smoothies and Smoothies in General Smoothies, especially green smoothies, offer you all possible vitamins, minerals (calcium and iron), antioxidants, fiber and proteins, depending on the chosen ingredients. Sheer health in a glass! The thick juice has become exceedingly popular since the 1990s, what was once only to be found in health food shops […]

  • Smoothie of the Day

    Smoothie of the Day

    Winter Fruit Smoothie Have you still got some oranges left from winter like me? Do not throw them out, use them for your early morning booster! My last winter fruit that did not look too good went into this smoothie. I was astonished at how much juice the oranges still had left and the banana […]

  • I Caught Spring

    I Caught Spring

    How do you catch spring? By taking a picture of some lovely blossoms, stepping closer and all of a sudden you are enveloped by a magnificent fragrance that embodies spring. I have yet to put it in a bottle! Clematis (Clematis armandii)   There are more than 300 species of clematis (in ancient Greek it […]

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