Essential And Fragrance Oils

Late Bloomers collection features scents made of essential oils and fragrance oils. When I started making my own soy wax candles I only used fragrance oils, some years into the process of learning about scents I begun creating my own scents of essential oils.

What is the difference between essential and fragrance oils?

Essential oils are pure distillations of a flower, herb, root or resin. These oils are often expensive and they are valued for their potent fragrances as well as their medical benefits, they have effects on the human body, good and bad.

Some of the effects can be: skin moisturizing, skin and hair softening, rash or eczema relief, youthful looking rejuvenation, anxiety dissipation tension or stress relief, pain relief and an overall better feeling.

Fragrance oils (also called aromatic oils or perfume oils) are manufactured scents. They are artificially created substances to imitate a natural scent (coffee fragrance oil) or invoke a feeling (freshly washed laundry). Whereas essential oils can vary in scent due to natural circumstances (region, weather, crop), fragrance oils will always smell the same way.

Fragrance oils are beneficial even being synthetic because their aroma will help encourage peace of mind and chase away the blues.

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