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When I was in Thailand in 2011 to attend my friends’ wedding I was mesmerized by the typical fragrances I associate with Thailand and thus began a new olfactory journey of composing my own fragrances with essential oils.

Our most emotional memories are associated with fragrances – the scent of sun cream and sand will remind us of summer beach holidays; the aromatic spices of an Indian dish will take us back to our favourite restaurant in London.

I always associate people with fragrances and this is my latest addition: I create bespoke fragrance that matches your personality and style, you will have the greatest pleasure in your life to own your unique perfume that nobody else can wear.

In order to create your individual perfume I need to get to know you fairly well, in personal conversations we will elaborate your fragrance, are you ready to join me on this fascinating journey, drop me a line and we will start the adventure!

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