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I Caught Spring

Barbara Klein Basel, garden 7 Comments

How do you catch spring?

By taking a picture of some lovely blossoms, stepping closer and all of a sudden you are enveloped by a magnificent fragrance that embodies spring.

I have yet to put it in a bottle!

catching spring

Clematis (Clematis armandii)


There are more than 300 species of clematis (in ancient Greek it means climbing plant), mainly originating from China and Japan.

I have a purple clematis I have been trying to coax into interweaving with my white wisteria on a trellis arch. So far both of them have withstood my wish and are happy on each side of the arch.

I am hugely enjoying my daily walks with Roco on Bruderholz (close to Basel) where the cherry trees are in full bloom now, come and join me for sakura pictures on Instagram.

Now, go out, have a good time and catch spring.

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  1. Hi Barbara, So nice that you are able to catch spring 🙂 I’m afraid I’ll have to wait a little longer here! The only signs of spring I see are the maple buds and perhaps the lilac ones!
    But soon, oh soon!
    Enjoy your walks with Roco!

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      Hi Lori, maple buds and soon you will be making syrup, right? This is something we do not have in Switzerland. And the lilacs will only bloom next month.
      But the weather is really inconsistent, warm and sunny at midday, towards the end of the afternoon black clouds and gusts of wind and now I am wearing a warm cardigan!
      The walks with Roco help me clear my head and stay grounded.
      Have a great new week!

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      Lol, they do, Tandy, they do! Last year I seeded chillies, using egg cartons and my compost soil, carefully kept them moist and warm in a small greenhouse and what happened: nothing! The miracle at the end of summer: chili plants grew on their own from last year’s compost … 🙂

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