on catching spring and fragranced blossoms

I Caught Spring

Barbara Klein Basel, garden 7 Comments

How do you catch spring? By taking a picture of some lovely blossoms, stepping closer and all of a sudden you are enveloped by a magnificent fragrance that embodies spring. I have yet to put it in a bottle! Clematis (Clematis armandii)   There are more than 300 species of clematis (in ancient Greek it means climbing plant), mainly originating …

pretty basil flowers

Hot Summer Salad Recipes and Tips

late-bloomers English:, food, garden, recipes 8 Comments

      In summer when the weather is really hot my brains turn to mush! And when it comes to eating my mind’s a blank! I do not crave any hot food and I do not want to stand in the kitchen cooking hot meals. I remember when we spent our holidays at my mum’s home in Southern Spain …

Planting Something New

Barbara Klein English:, garden 20 Comments

    What’s the weather like in your region? I am a little bit obsessed with that marvellous subject: weather. Maybe I am feeling a little bit under the weather. But I digress … do you enjoy a lovely autumn with its vivid colours and is the cold season approaching like here in Switzerland? Or warm and sunny – lucky …