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  • My DIY Easter Project

    My DIY Easter Project

    How I loved to dye eggs with onion peels for Easter when I was a child. We used to paint patterns on the dyed eggs with the help of tooth picks and diluted formic acid, closely watched by our mother as not to harm ourselves. My finished eggs never looked too good, I liberally sloshed […]

  • Sunday Sunrise Smoothie

    Sunday Sunrise Smoothie

    Smoothies are a great way to start your day, they contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. You can use up your fruit or vegetable and there is no limit to your imagination: spice them up with seeds, nuts, herbs and spices! I use seasonal and regional produce, in winter it will be apples, pears, oranges […]

  • 2015 In Pictures – A Review

    2015 In Pictures – A Review

    I did it last year so here we go again: For hours I have been perusing my pictures of 2015, other people might prefer to look it up in their agendas or diaries, browse their credit cards statements or book orders on Amazon (I will not do that, I have only read trivial fiction!), or […]

  • My Greek Salad

    My Greek Salad

          Today I am cheating big time: there was no salad for lunch as we went out to enjoy Thai food al fresco (a hot and spicy vegetable soup and a yellow curry with beef). And it is not my Greek salad either but a wonderful salad my daughter prepared last night for […]

  • Hot Summer Salad Recipes and Tips

    Hot Summer Salad Recipes and Tips

          In summer when the weather is really hot my brains turn to mush! And when it comes to eating my mind’s a blank! I do not crave any hot food and I do not want to stand in the kitchen cooking hot meals. I remember when we spent our holidays at my […]

  • Thai Red Curry Paste

    Thai Red Curry Paste

    Today I am in the mood for Thai cooking Did I ever share my recipe for Thai red curry paste? The only advice I’d like to give you: do wear gloves while cutting the chillies! I deseeded and cut about 10 of those beasts and, of course, forgot the gloves. Even Roco, my dog, watches […]

  • White Gold – Tartufo Bianco

    White Gold – Tartufo Bianco

    We are near the end of the white truffle season and tonight we will enjoy this delicacy, maybe for the last time this year.   The white gold – white truffles from Alba   White truffles (tuber magnatum) are a fungus and can be found in various places but there is only one tuber magnatum […]

  • Temptation And Strawberry Delight

    Temptation And Strawberry Delight

    What is the predominant colour of food in winter? All shades of green and brown, intermingled with some white. And after a certain time I am tired of it, I have had it with soups and root vegetables, I crave fresh tastes, new to discover colours and I start dreaming of fresh white asparagus and […]

  • Aniseed Cookies

    Aniseed Cookies

     Maybe you have experienced similar things in your family: certain recipes are the sole right of my Mum to use and spoil the family and friends with. One of them is an aniseed cookie we use to eat at Christmas. The most important feature of this aniseed cookie is the risen dough, the so called […]

  • Peach, What Peach?

    Peach, What Peach?

      Last Sunday somebody called me an ignorant! Me ignorant? And above all about food? You want to know who the “somebody” is or why I was called ignorant? No to the first, yes to the latter. To soften the blow they gave me two of those precious peaches. It was the first time I […]