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Hot Summer Salad Recipes and Tips

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      In summer when the weather is really hot my brains turn to mush! And when it comes to eating my mind’s a blank! I do not crave any hot food and I do not want to stand in the kitchen cooking hot meals. I remember when we spent our holidays at my mum’s home in Southern Spain …

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On the Farmer Market

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Today I went to the farmer market in Lörrach, across the border in Germany. The market takes place three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I regularly go there with my friend on a Saturday morning, enjoy visiting the same farmers and buy fruit and vegetable, occasionally bringing home new plants or fragrant roses. You will also find a lovely …

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Temptation And Strawberry Delight

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What is the predominant colour of food in winter? All shades of green and brown, intermingled with some white. And after a certain time I am tired of it, I have had it with soups and root vegetables, I crave fresh tastes, new to discover colours and I start dreaming of fresh white asparagus and bright red strawberries. The first …