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Temptation And Strawberry Delight

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What is the predominant colour of food in winter? All shades of green and brown, intermingled with some white. And after a certain time I am tired of it, I have had it with soups and root vegetables, I crave fresh tastes, new to discover colours and I start dreaming of fresh white asparagus and bright red strawberries.

The first strawberries will be available in most shops around Valentine’s Day, often displayed in a heart shaped plastic tray. I once sniffed such a package and was really revolted by the ugly fumes. No need to use any common sense: there were about 18 different kinds of pesticide, fungicides and herbicides included in a deadly mix.

But it is ever so tempting, especially when they come delivered in a wooden tray, seductively suggesting some kind of natural “upbringing”:


The temptation

Okay, I could not resist and I bought a tray. Taking away the plastic foil covering released a not so nice fragrance (see above).


will it do the trick

freshly washed strawberries

I carefully rinsed them with lots of cold water, would this do the trick? I doubt it.


in the mixer

cut strawberries

Heed my advice and wait for the strawberry season in your region. Do not hesitate to ask whether the strawberries were subjected to any chemical substances when not clearly identified as organic. Hell, you only live once unless you are James Bond.

When buying in big quantities I cut up the strawberries, add some grated ginger, freshly ground pepper (lately I am very particular to Tasmanian pepper with its floral and sharp fragrance), a dash of sea salt, some ground cardamom and grated lemon zest and juice. Puree everything, portion it in jars containing roughly 125 g and freeze.


harvest time

Waste not – want not

I use the strawberry concoction for a delicious and healthy breakfast adding yoghurt, Chia seeds, fresh mint leaves, dry roasted pine nuts or hazel nuts.

Use it in smoothies adding any fresh vegetables in season, herbs and other fruit or for desserts with meringues. The sky is the limit!


healthy food

My favourite breakfast with yoghurt, Chia seeds and fresh mint leaves (homegrown)

Do you have any favourite recipes to share?

Do you have any special breakfast treats or smoothie recipes to share with us?


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  2. Barbara you make everything look so good! I have not tried Chia seeds. 
    We have strawberries in our garden (when we have a garden 😉 I know what you mean by waiting until they are in season – and I know what chemicals are in ours (none!)
    Keep up the inspiring posts Mmmmm….. 🙂

  3. Lori  Good morning, Lori, and would you like a cup of coffee? 

    Lucky you having strawberries in your garden, I only have a few plants with Imola strawberries (that’s the one with the tiny but ever so fragrant fruits) and there is always a race between the slugs and me who gets there first!

    What do you do with your strawberries? Eat them fresh, jam, freeze?

  4. Late_Bloomers LOL! Good morning Barbara! I am enjoying my coffee now as I catch up on my email! 
    We eat as many as we can fresh, freeze some in jars to use later with shortcake and make a bit of freezer jam. We try to preserve our garden produce, and we do eat out of those preserves much of the winter, but fresh is always so much better, wouldn’t you agree?

  5. Growing up and spending the majority of my life in Los Angeles means I don’t think of winter as a time when colors disappear or think about a season for fruits/vegetables.

    They exist year round for us, but I always appreciate the way some of them jump out, like in your pictures.

  6. Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  I often wish to live in such a climate but maybe I am so used to seasons that I’d miss something?

    Thanks, Josh, appreciate your visit, I am so caught up IRL – I have a lot of catching up to do …

  7. Yum! I don’t have a recipe to share but am loving a concoction of bircher muesli. Your strawberry concoction would go well with it.

    In saying that, now I think I DO have a recipe to share! The bircher muesli I make…

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