Basler Fasnacht – Carneval de Bâle

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Sometimes you do not get what you wish for and sometimes your timing sucks!

Big time this year: a week before Fasnacht (carneval) I caught a cold (or so I thought) and could not practise, try to play the piccolo (or any other flute) with a cough! I finally heeded the advice to go and see my doctor. He prescribed a heavy dosage of antibiotics for bronchitis and wished me good luck.

One of the highlight is Morgestraich, the official start of our carneval at 4 am on Monday morning, all lights go out at 4 am and only the lights of the lanterns shine through darkness. All participants start with the same march Morgestraich, goose bumps guaranteed.


4 in the morning



Not for me this year, I was home in bed but woke up at 3.30 and sat in front of the TV with tears in my eyes.

I was determined to make it for Tuesday, this is the day dedicated to all children, from age 1 – 99, where there are little rules and no fixed parade, a day dedicated to having fun and letting your imagination and creativity run free.

Enjoy this year’s highlight, Bollywood Basel style:

What a lovely day: sunshine and no clouds in sight. Temperatures are up to an uncommon 16° C, when stuck on the Mittlere Rheinbrücke you will feel the heat beneath your mask and all the layers of clothes!

sunny day

The selfie has caught up in Basel as well




Basel is built on many hills and you need a perfect physical condition walking up and down the hills while playing.


Münster of Basel with half moon

Up on the hill where the biggest open air exhibition takes place:



And down the hill again to the prestigious Hotel Les Trois Rois for a well deserved glass of wine!


On the terrace of Les Trois Rois


and dinner later on.


Wallis red wine

Carminoir de Vétroz – red wine from Wallis


Home early today, a little bit shaky on my legs (not due to imbibing of alcoholic beverages) but very happy with a lovely day.

Carpe diem!

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  1. JanineRipper  Thank you, Janine, I am getting there, but it is a long and winding road! Eking out one day for myself made it very special and I appreciated each and every moment of it!

  2. jpage.manuel  Thank you so much, Joy, yes I am feeling better, I am still on medication and I wonder whether they slow me down, I take ages for the simplest things …
    You spoil me rotten with your compliments and make me very happy: I try to capture an emotion with my photos, a happy moment that will stay forever and bring us back to it. And Fasnacht really is a FEST, three days of colours, music, wit, creativity and fun, always hidden behind a mask, this makes it so special for me.

  3. I was raised in Rio, Barbara, so I have a specific concept of Carnaval, as we call it.  But, truth be told, yours looks so much more civilized!  Maybe it’s because I’m not 25 any longer … 😉

  4. WholeheartedELO  Hi, Carmen, thanks and yes, it is an unique experience. Normally we Swiss are known for being quite conservative and serious, you should see the gaiety and the colourful costumes, the wit and creativity displayed in 72 hours of Carnival.

  5. Aw Barbara you have such fun in Switzerland! Was that you at the edge of the video? I want to see you doing that dance (so cool!)
    And you have spring! I wish I could show you how much snow we still have on the ground! The ducks have returned to the pond but I can’t see them from my window because the snow banks are so high!
    I hope you are feeling better now with your cough gone!

  6. Lori  Hi, Lori, you can have fun anywhere! No, this was my friend Esther, I was filming it! And the others were all men disguised as Indian men and women, I wonder how long they have studied the choreography – it was perfect!

    Yes, we are very lucky with the weather: an uncommonly mild winter and now the most beautiful spring weather, 22° C today and tomorrow, then it will take a dive to below 10° C with rain at the weekend (of course). But I am savouring each moment and try to spend as much time as possible outside with Roco!

    My cough is better, thank you, but it has decided to stay with me!

    Maybe the spring weather will travel to your region now, I wish it for you, has there ever been as much snow and ice in NB before?

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