carnival in Basel

Basel Fasnacht 2016

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Sunday Before Fasnacht Fasnacht always starts on Sunday with the legendary pasta party at home. And each year we have the same discussion as to when we started this tradition, I think it must be close to 50 years! The traditional yellow bouquet The same procedure each year: sherry for pre lunch drinks, mache salad with celery (finely grated) and …

lanterns and full moon at Vogel Gryff

Basel In January 2016

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The new year is not yet one month old and we celebrate the first highlight in Basel: Vogel Gryff Vogel Gryff is the most important holiday in Glaibasel (little Basel on the right bank side of the river Rhine) and is always celebrated in January, 13, 20 or 27 alternately. The three figures – Wilde Maa (the savage), Leu (the …


Has It Really Been 4 Years?

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  Have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday? Do you remember how that feels? Not nice, I bet! Well, I completely forgot that Late Bloomers celebrated its 4th anniversary last Friday. I was so busy with planning and organizing my Open House – which was a complete success by the way – and had I remembered I would have …

Basler Fasnacht – Carneval de Bâle

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Sometimes you do not get what you wish for and sometimes your timing sucks! Big time this year: a week before Fasnacht (carneval) I caught a cold (or so I thought) and could not practise, try to play the piccolo (or any other flute) with a cough! I finally heeded the advice to go and see my doctor. He prescribed …

A Day In The Life … Art In The Park

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Day #24 Yesterday evening, after a hard day’s work, I went to Schützenmatte, a park in Basel. In the warmer seasons it is always packed with young families, young people playing all kind of games and old people from the senior citizen home close to it. This summer there is another kind of attraction organised by Klaus Littmann: Skultur II …

A Day In The Life … A Beautiful Autumn Afternoon

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  Day #23 Do you feel guilty when you take time off from your busy schedule to do something just for yourself? Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it but not today. Not after having worked all morning and early afternoon. Such glorious early autumn weather, freezing mornings with a hint of fog, the sun’s late start slowly heats up …

A Day In The Life … Some Studies And A Hilly Town Walk

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  Day #21 This morning after I had finished labelling all my jars with the “old” labels, I started the InDesign tutorials. For years I have wanted to use InDesign, the DTP software by Adobe Systems, but it costs a fortune and I doubted I could use its full potential (hell, I do not even use 5 % of my …

Vogel Gryff or To Whom The Bell Tolls

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Vogel Gryff – A Local Custom I believe that taking part in local customs is root building, strengthens our social skills and – well – let us just have some fun! This last Friday, on a rather rainy and grey day, we celebrated a local custom in Kleinbasel (the part of the town which is on the right side of …

Music is in the Air

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Ever wondered what my job is? Or whether my life is about travelling, getting to know the most beautiful countries and people in the world? Or whether I spend all day honing my writing and studying social media? No, I work part time for an international NPO, let me share this month’s highlight of my job with you: My employer …