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  • Take a Break!

    Take a Break!

    A Day in Neuchâtel, Switzerland Switzerland is a small country and has much to offer off the beaten track. Neuchâtel is easily reached within 1 ½ hours by train or car. We chose to go by train and enjoyed the morning ride via Delémont, Moutier, Grenchen, Biel to Neuchâtel. The weather was absolutely stunning: a […]

  • Has It Really Been 4 Years?

    Has It Really Been 4 Years?

      Have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday? Do you remember how that feels? Not nice, I bet! Well, I completely forgot that Late Bloomers celebrated its 4th anniversary last Friday. I was so busy with planning and organizing my Open House – which was a complete success by the way – and had […]

  • Roma, bella Roma – Part III

    Roma, bella Roma – Part III

    A Date, a Visit to a Museum and Some Roman Tips I am really nervous tonight: I have a date. I am very exited to get to know Fabrizio Faraco in real life, we have met online through a professional group on Facebook. Those of you who have made friends online and got to meet […]

  • Maremma Mia

    Maremma Mia

      How to Prolong Your Summer The best way to prolong your summer is to leisurely drive down south to southern Tuscany in October (when living in Europe) and stay out somewhere in campagna (the countryside)! Glorious weather all week with temperatures around 30° C and we spend all day outside, from breakfast to dinner. […]

  • Eating Like Three Kings

    Eating Like Three Kings

    On Saturday we celebrated my daughter’s birthday and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Hotel Les Trois Rois in the restaurant Brasserie. Before we sit down for lunch, here is some

  • You missed out on some fun

    You missed out on some fun

    Did you miss me? I have had a busy fortnight: Tuesday See the annual Tattoo in Basel Wednesday Break a toe! Thursday Fly to the USA We arrive in the middle of the heat wave and drive to Northampton where we stay at the Hotel Northampton in Northampton, a member of the Historic Hotels of […]

  • Happyhappyhappy


    It has been a very busy May with many long planned for activities and some rather unexpected events, it has been a month of celebration and mourning. Remember the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral ? Lovely English comedy, something to watch again on a rainy day, comfortably settled on the sofa, maybe with a […]

  • The Last Days

    The Last Days

    Phuket III – The Last Days Wake up at 8, how much I enjoy sitting outside in the early morning, listening to the waves breaking on the shore (now every day a little bit louder as we are nearing full moon). Late breakfast, we decide to go to Patong and as there is no shuttle […]

  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost

    Phuket Revisited Today we fly from Bangkok to Phuket , we will spend the last days relaxing in the Dusit Thani. Wake up at 8 and it is raining (we expected it as it was raining in Hongkong and Singapore last night). But it miraculously ceases when we come down for breakfast. Packing again, breakfast […]

  • More from the City of Angels

    More from the City of Angels

    Wake up at 8, strange waking up in another town with practically the same view, this morning I started looking for the mosque (in Phitsanulok)! Ten o’clock on the rooftop: we celebrate Morgestraich! Normally, you would get to see and hear something like this, temperatures would be around 5 – 10° C. Temperature in Bangkok […]