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A Day in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country and has much to offer off the beaten track.

Neuchâtel is easily reached within 1 ½ hours by train or car.

We chose to go by train and enjoyed the morning ride via Delémont, Moutier, Grenchen, Biel to Neuchâtel. The weather was absolutely stunning: a light fog covering the rocks and forests in the beginning and then glorious sunshine and blue skies enhancing the golden fall colours.

Our friends who live close to Neuchâtel met us at the station and after a short walk along the shores of Lake of Neuchâtel we were ready for lunch.

More about Neuchâtel, its history and museums at My


beautiful places in Switzerland

Lake of Neuchâtel with Swiss Alps in the background


Our friends recommend their favourite restaurant, Bistrot Chauffage Compris, a lovely old house in the center at rue des Moulins 37. It used to house a commercial establishment for central heating and has kept ist old fashioned charm.

We decide on a light lunch meal: 200 g hand cut beef tatre with salad, toasted bread and frites at CHF 30.00.

We pick a fitting locally grown Pinot Noir: Cave du Prieuré, 2014, pairs nicely with the meat and costs CHF 42.00.

There is even some room for a small dessert: un mi-cuit de chocolat, fresh from the oven, heavenly sweet and hot with the right consistency, CHF 13.00.

restaurant and wine shop in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Le Bistrot Chauffage Compris


A short walk takes us through the center with ist many small and interesting shops, small alleys and lovely old houses to the exhibition place: Tour de Diesse.


hidden beauty in Switzerland

Small alleys and hidden places


Our friend, Danièle Koffel, shows here her latest paintings from October 17 –November 14, 2015.

She has developed an interesting technique: using several layrs and applying the colours with a toothbrush through a small sieve, complementing her pictures with Chinese ink.

Her paintings – inspired by her surroundings and trips to Africa and Asia – have a Zen like atmosphere. As the French say: vaut un detour.


Tour de Diesse art gallery in Neuchâtel

Art Exhibition by Danièle Koffel

Neuchâtel beautiful places



We enjoy a refreshing beer in the beautiful Brasserie Le Cardinal at Seyon 9, the most gorgeous Art Nouveau interieur with fayence art work on the walls.


beautiful brasserie and bar in Neuchâtel

La Brasserie Le Cardinal

beautiful places in Switzerland

On the way to the station


A last look between the houses of the snow covered alps glistening in the sunlight and we are ready to to go back to Basel.

And I wonder why I do not take day trips more often: they are an island in the daily routine, take you out of the hamster wheel, why not take some time off for yourself and your friends and create beautiful memories to last you forever.



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  1. Barbara! It just struck me. You could be a restaurant critic, reviewing different ones and posting about them. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to do so! You make the stories so engaging!

  2. Late_Bloomers I don’t know how it works but restaurant critics must make money at it. At the very least, you could write off your meal. May be worth some research, no?

  3. Lori Late_Bloomers You get paid when you are famous, you get a free meal with connections. And there are too many lay people around who pretend to have the knowhow and skills to write scathing restaurant reviews (well, also in other domains ….).

    But it is always worth checking it out, thank you!

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