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2015 In Pictures – A Review

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I did it last year so here we go again:

For hours I have been perusing my pictures of 2015, other people might prefer to look it up in their agendas or diaries, browse their credit cards statements or book orders on Amazon (I will not do that, I have only read trivial fiction!), or – if you have a MAC – check your documents as they appear in chronological order.

At the end of a year I might suffer from it-has-been-a-crappy-year-syndrome but when I am looking at my pictures, I count my blessings, each day has so many beautiful moments, the long and shorter trips undertaken, new food tasted and cooked, another fragrance composition created.

I spend a lot of time in nature on my daily walks with Roco and experience the cycles of nature.

The time spent in Thailand at the beginning of the year (the pictures are up on Flickr) has helped me through my grieving period and I returned to Switzerland with batteries recharged.

Time for my new project: a complete makeover for my website and web shop, I underestimated the time needed for such a task but I am happy with the results, I have learned a ton of new stuff and see more potential!

The weather has played central stage this year: an uncommonly long and hot summer that turned into an equally ever lasting autumn with brilliant colours and a rich harvest in fruit. I turned into an early bird and ventured outside when dawn broke, a new experience for me! I think I have never eaten as many salad dishes this summer.

My friends IRL and online: I am deeply grateful for your friendship, thank you for all the beautiful experiences shared. It is true: you can choose your friends but not your family.

And here is my 2015 in images:


Dubai in January 2015

January 2015: Burj Khalifa in Dubai

palm trees

January und February 2015: Bangkok and Koh Samui

happy memories

February 2015: The mandatory selfie at carneval

happy dog sleeping

March 2015: Roco is sleeping into his 2nd birthday

Strasbourg in April 2015

April 2015: A Day Trip to Strasbourg, France

where are you going without me?

May 2015: Where are you going without ME?

new website and web shop

May 2015: new website and web shop under construction

Late Bloomers Morello Jam

June 2015: Sour cherries

Alba and its architecture

June 2015: A long weekend in Piemonte, Italy

I did not do anything

July 2015: The devil (Roco) eats Prada</em>

Swiss National Day on 1st August

1st August 2015: Swiss National Day

sun rays in a corn field

August 2015: Summer goes on and on

autumn bounty

September 2015: Grape harvest

beautiful autumn

October 2015: And the roses still bloom

mirrored foliage in October 2015

Oktober 2015: Autumn foliage

November 2015 in Neuenburg

October 2015: A Day Trip to Neuenburg, Switzerland

food delight in Piemonte in November 2015

November 2015: White Truffles on the Market in Alba, Piemonte


December 2015 busy times

December 2015: Christmas

I do not think much of new years’ resolutions: from my own experience I know they have a very short life span and all that is left are bad feelings.

I wish you a wonderfully happy and prosperous 2016, in Switzerland we present small piglets for good luck for the coming year, may you have tons of it:


Roco and his latest toy: a pink squeaking pig





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      Thank you, Kaarina, wonderful wishes, may they come back to you threefold! Today on my daily walk with Roco I met a lovely lady and we had a funny discussion on how long into the new year we can wish each other happy new year. We finally decided to make it a year long habit, is this not great? xo

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