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2015 In Pictures – A Review

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I did it last year so here we go again: For hours I have been perusing my pictures of 2015, other people might prefer to look it up in their agendas or diaries, browse their credit cards statements or book orders on Amazon (I will not do that, I have only read trivial fiction!), or – if you have a …

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Another One To Go

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One Month Left I am never more acutely aware of time flying than in the last two months of each year. When a baby year knocks on my door I have the impression of endless riches, a pot filled with days to liberally spend, a treasure chest of opportunities and chances. And there is so much to look forward to: …

What’s Up?

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What do a blog, a candle and a recipe have in common? They all need love, passion, courage, patience, discipline and perseverance! And the willingness to learn something new every day. The Blog First When I started with Late Bloomers nearly five years ago – this was my first post in English: Quince Lemon Chutney – I literally had no …


Has It Really Been 4 Years?

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  Have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday? Do you remember how that feels? Not nice, I bet! Well, I completely forgot that Late Bloomers celebrated its 4th anniversary last Friday. I was so busy with planning and organizing my Open House – which was a complete success by the way – and had I remembered I would have …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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  When I was young Valentine’s Day was unknown in Switzerland. I was also ignorant about its gory origins. Funny, only today my Mom told me about it. It must be in our genes, probably that’s where my quirky sense of humour stems from. February 14 is my father’s birthday, he would have turned 94 this year. My Dad died …

Wishing You All A Spectacular 2014!

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We have survived the opulence of the holidays and there is only a tiny portion of 2013 left. Yawn … another post on gratitude and resolutions? We are drowning in posts, article, tweets and pins of eternal gratitude and New Year’s resolutions. I beg not to be misunderstood: nothing wrong with that and kudos to those committing to resolutions and …

Three Years Of Blogging

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Here I am sitting in front of my computer and contemplating my three years of blogging. Would you like to take a walk down memory lane with me? What did I start with? What did I feel when I hit the publish button for the first time? I was so proud and looking forward to myriads of comments, sharing and …

Red, Simply Red

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  Do you believe in colours? What do colours represent for you? Do you surround yourself with special colours because they make you feel good? Are you colour sensitive in clothes, painted walls, paintings or blossoms in your garden? Or, do you prefer subtle tones of beige and grey? The other day I came across this leaf:   What a …