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My Word For 2016

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You certainly know this inspirational exercise of picking three words for this new year 2016 that will guide you in your motivation, decision and action. I first encountered it years ago on Chris Brogan’s blog and have done so ever since. This year I will share with you what I have come up with. Chris Brogan recommends picking three words: …

Wishing You All A Spectacular 2014!

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We have survived the opulence of the holidays and there is only a tiny portion of 2013 left. Yawn … another post on gratitude and resolutions? We are drowning in posts, article, tweets and pins of eternal gratitude and New Year’s resolutions. I beg not to be misunderstood: nothing wrong with that and kudos to those committing to resolutions and …


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  Day #17 I had some free time today as an appointment was cancelled. And I indulged myself by spending some time on Facebook, liking this and sharing that. And then the following caught my eyes and attention: Post by Dalai Lama.   So true and I trust his Holiness does not mind my borrowing it. I want to share …

Guest Post At Life, For Instance

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Do you write guest posts? And how do you feel when you are invited to write a guest post? My first reaction when Lori Gosselin of Life, for Instance kindly asked me to write one, I felt deeply honoured and scared at the same time. It is like being invited to a friend’s home for a dinner party for the …

Time to Say Goodbye

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I have had it coming for years … … and then it hit me with a never known force. That’s it, time to say goodbye. We have been together for the major part of my life.

On The Threshold

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Another five hours to go (European time) before we welcome the new year. These past weeks everybody speaks about New Year’s resolutions, review of the past year and (business) plans for the new year. I do not think this works for me.

Dare to Care – In Spite Of

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  This weekend I sell my products together with two English friends at the „Market on the Farm“, just outside Basel, my hometown. The farm is beautifully set in the countryside, with horses and red Angus grazing. The surrounding forest show off their leaves’ colour from yellow, orange and blazing red. The morning starts with a clouded sky and cold …

Dare to Care – Thank You

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  Thank you Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely evening and a lovely bottle of white wine with a girlfriend. She told me that after meditating in the morning she had the urge to say thank you to several persons, thank you for just being in her life, thank you for being there when she needed them and thank you for …