Late Bloomers green smoothies

Green Smoothies – Health in a Glass

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On Green Smoothies and Smoothies in General Smoothies, especially green smoothies, offer you all possible vitamins, minerals (calcium and iron), antioxidants, fiber and proteins, depending on the chosen ingredients. Sheer health in a glass! The thick juice has become exceedingly popular since the 1990s, what was once only to be found in health food shops is now a mainstream industry …

Wishing You All A Spectacular 2014!

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We have survived the opulence of the holidays and there is only a tiny portion of 2013 left. Yawn … another post on gratitude and resolutions? We are drowning in posts, article, tweets and pins of eternal gratitude and New Year’s resolutions. I beg not to be misunderstood: nothing wrong with that and kudos to those committing to resolutions and …

I Will Drink To Your Health

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  Today is the first of October and I wish you a healthy start to it! This morning I started my day with a glass of my home made grape juice. Did I tell you that it is 100 % pure nature, nothing added, no stabiliser, no citric acid, no sugar, no nothing.   Cheers! There is a strong smell …