summer is pickling time

Summer: Dog Days And Pickling Time

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Summer Is Pickling Time Summer is in full swing: dog days make you feel mellow and lazy. Probably you are not dreaming about standing in a hot kitchen and pickling. But this is the season for it and towards the middle of July the first produce will be offered on the markets. I love pickles and always watched my mother …

Late Bloomers green smoothies

Green Smoothies – Health in a Glass

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On Green Smoothies and Smoothies in General Smoothies, especially green smoothies, offer you all possible vitamins, minerals (calcium and iron), antioxidants, fiber and proteins, depending on the chosen ingredients. Sheer health in a glass! The thick juice has become exceedingly popular since the 1990s, what was once only to be found in health food shops is now a mainstream industry …

DIY Easter project

My DIY Easter Project

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How I loved to dye eggs with onion peels for Easter when I was a child. We used to paint patterns on the dyed eggs with the help of tooth picks and diluted formic acid, closely watched by our mother as not to harm ourselves. My finished eggs never looked too good, I liberally sloshed formic acid around and my …

Late Bloomers Goes Green

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Do you have a green dream? Or is yours a green reality? I grew up with a very green mother (at 88 she still prefers outdoor works to in-house chores, suggest knitting or crocheting to her and she will politely decline). As a child I did not appreciate garden work (and up today I cannot stand having soil or flour …

Dukka – A New Addiction And a Recipe

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Dukka is an Arabic side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, spices, nuts (hazel, cashew, pine) and salt. The word is derived from the Arabic „to pound“, i.e. the ingredients are pounded together after being dry roasted. Each family has its own recipe and the mixture can widely vary and contain dried mint, caraway, chickpeas, zataar. You can also …