day 2

Let’s Go Green Today

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The temperatures are climbing and I got my ironing done at dawn, I am definitely getting older and wiser!

Looking at the weather forecast fort he coming days we are in for some scorchers: 36° – 37° C, this is rather uncommon for Switzerland.

When I think about food now clean and fresh colours pop up in my mind: green, yellow and white.

Do baby lettuce, fresh herbs and a lemon dressing sound good to you?


baby lettuce

symphony in green


I always prepare a glass bottle of salad dressing in advance, saves time and money (especially when you buy lemons on offer – they tend to go bad within days). It is very easy to make and keeps well in the fridge.


Lemon dressing
1/3 fresh lemon juice
2/3 extra virgin olive oil
sea salt

Only 4 ingredients and it tastes great!

grated lemon zest
grated ginger to add some spice



day 2

ingredients for today’s salad


Today you will need the following ingredients:

1 baby lettuce
1 spring onion
fresh herbs (anything at hand: parsley, chives, lovage, mint)

1 avocado (waste not, want not: this one is very ripe and soft to the touch)

To serve sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds or pine nuts over it.

You can turn this easy and tasty salad into anything: add lukewarm boiled baby potatoes to accompany your BBQ, tomatoes and red peppers to spruce it up etc.

Enjoy yesterday’s post here.


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