home made ice tea

The Mediterranean Salad

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This morning I got up early as I meant to take Roco out for a long walk while the temperatures were still lower. No such luck: already 30° C!

We went to the river (for those living in and around Basel: the river Wiese is a paradise for dogs as they are allowed off the leash and you will always find other dogs to play with), Roco played in and around the water and I stayed in the shade:


bliss in and around the water

Bliss in and around the water


It is simply too hot to go food shopping in the middle of the day so I had to make do with what I found at home and in my garden.

When it is hot we need a lot of salt to compensate for the loss of it, happy I found some tinned tuna and anchovies from Piemonte (I always stock up on anchovies when I am in Italy) in my kitchen.

I have several tomato plants I bought on the local framer market in Germany in spring, funny the one supposed to carry cherry tomatoes grows huge fruit and the one labelled as oxen heart is struggling and producing tiny fruit! I harvested the first ripe tomato to go into the salad today!

Mediterranean Salad
Serves 2
time: 10 minutes

200 gr. tuna
1 big tomato
1 red pepper
1 spring onion
2 hard boiled eggs (can be made in advanced and kept in the fridge)
10 – 12 anchovies

lemon dressing
sea salt

Put the tuna in the middle of a big plate and arrange the tomatoes, pepper and quartered eggs around it.

Decorate with sliced onion, capers and anchovies.

Sprinkle some lemon dressing over it, season with sea salt and pepper and garnish with verbena and mint leaves.


tuna and anchovies

The Mediterranean Salad


I make my own ice tea with home grown verbena and mint and finely sliced ginger. Boil 1 L water and pour it over the leaves and ginger. Let it sit for 5 minutes and strain into a glass bottle (I add the sliced ginger again as I love the spicy taste). If you crave sweetness add some honey to it, in my opinion this is not needed.


home made ice tea


Home made ice tea

Enjoy the previous salad recipe and tips:

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  1. tandysinclair Hehe, Tandy, think six months ahead and the roles will be reversed! Thank you and have a sunny (I know, I know but better sunny and cold than wet and cold) weekend 🙂

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