my Greek salad

My Greek Salad

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Today I am cheating big time: there was no salad for lunch as we went out to enjoy Thai food al fresco (a hot and spicy vegetable soup and a yellow curry with beef).

And it is not my Greek salad either but a wonderful salad my daughter prepared last night for dinner.

Let me try to put it together:


Greek Salad
Serves 2

¼ Red beet raw, shaved in julienne
½ Avocado in slices
a handful of mushrooms in slices
a handful of cherry tomatoes quartered
1/3 cucumber in slices
1 spring onion
1 clove garlic
Feta finely diced

Lemon juice
Light balsamic vinegar
Dried dill
Olive oil
Salt + pepper

I always use a ratio of 1/3 lemon and/or vinegar to 2/3 oil/cream.


Decorate with mint leaves and serve bread with it.


my Greek salad

The Greek Salad


We opened one of the bottles we found in the wine cellar of my aunt but were not too happy with it and stayed with the ice tea.



1996 Stammheimer Blauburgunder

1966 Stammheimer Blauburgunder


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  1. This looks delicious Barbara!  Really different from the one I make. ( a Best of Bridge recipe 🙂
    I’m going to give this a try- thanks!

  2. Lori Thanks, Lori, I will tell my daughter. Btw I forgot one ingredient: pomegranate seeds … probably not the only one I left out :).
    This morning I got up at 5 am and went out with Roco in the cool morning breeze – what a delight, temps will go up to 38° C today.
    Good luck with the recipe, do you have any summer salad recipes you’d like to share? Like your winter tabouleh? 
    Happy weekend,

  3. Late_Bloomers We do a nice Lebanese potato salad (at least that’s what I call it since I watched my aunt make it.) It has boiled, cooled and chopped potatoes, diced white onion, chopped fresh tomatoes and diced hard-boiled eggs. Salt and pepper plus lemon juice and corn oil in a 2/3 ratio complete it. Delicious and great to make when all the fresh produce is in!

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  5. Lori Late_Bloomers your Lebanese potato salad recipe sounds very delicious and I can taste its different flavours, Lori. I always use a vinaigrette with potato salad, must try your version next time. 
    Thanks for sharing and have a great new week!

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