summer is pickling time

Summer: Dog Days And Pickling Time

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Summer Is Pickling Time Summer is in full swing: dog days make you feel mellow and lazy. Probably you are not dreaming about standing in a hot kitchen and pickling. But this is the season for it and towards the middle of July the first produce will be offered on the markets. I love pickles and always watched my mother …

Late Bloomers Tomato Ketchup Recipe

Tomato Ketchup Recipe (revisited)

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When I was browsing my summer recipes I came upon this tomato ketchup recipe from 2011. I want to be prepared when the fully ripe tomatoes come on the market and make a new batch of tomato ketchup in two variations: one hot and spicy ketchup and a regular one. Some Background Information The origins of tomato ketchup are not …

Under The Weather

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  I Need Something Lifting! This is my third post in a row about the weather and its influences! I never thought of myself as a person who is so dependent on outer factors, I also never understood why older people always talked about the weather, this sunrise, that sunset, growing plants, birds and whatnot. Life was about relationships, endless …

A Time to Celebrate

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Phuket II – A Time to Celebrate Today is Valérie’s big day. I enjoy the early morning on the balcony, watching the gently breaking waves. We have breakfast outside, next to the ponds which abound with fat goldfish. Sparrows, pigeons and jays (if that is the name for those cheeky birds with their bright yellow beaks, they are resourceful and …