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I Need Something Lifting!

This is my third post in a row about the weather and its influences! I never thought of myself as a person who is so dependent on outer factors, I also never understood why older people always talked about the weather, this sunrise, that sunset, growing plants, birds and whatnot. Life was about relationships, endless discussions on how to change someone’s way of thinking and behaviour (you can tell how old I was at that time, cannot you?)!

Life taught me differently, I am the one now constantly talking about the cycles of nature.

Do not let these pictures fool you:


pear blossoms

pear blossoms


apple blossoms

apple blossoms (and Chica in the background)


cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms


The spring that lasted two days a week ago induced nature to literally explode with flowers and foliage at once.

Do you remember the times when there were dark buds appearing on the branches of the cherry trees, slowly growing with the warmer temperatures until they burst open in their fragile white beauty, stamens quivering in the soft breeze and diligent bees collecting the nectar, humming contentedly? The bright green leaves would only appear after the bees had done their good work of pollenising. Forget it!

Come today – gone tomorrow! And I wonder whether we will have any cherries this year?

We are back to low hanging clouds, rains and low temperatures, who would not have depressing thoughts under these circumstances?

To chase them away, here is the easy cure for it, together with the recipe:

Pick Me Up Soup
Serves 1


3 dl water
1 tsp beef stock
1 bay leaf
1 fresh chilli
3 – 4 curry leaves
dash of red wine
1 TS fresh coriander



Put all the ingredients up to and including red wine in a pot and let it boil for about 5 – 10 minutes

Add the vermicelli (you could also cook them separately in order not to cloud the clear broth) and proceed according to their cooking instructions

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves

Enjoy the richness of the broth and the exotic fragrances and let yourself be transported to the Elysian fields of sun and warmth!


May I be forgiven for not having taken any pictures, instead let us dream about treats which might still come:


cherries in a bowl

Cherries in a bowl



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    1. The latter, Kaarina, the latter! We are not given to irony, are we? Irony is that whenever I write about bad weather the sun comes out winking at me!

      I am having some issues with updating my plugins for commentluv and livefyre, all of a sudden your comment has disappeared … ? My apologies but you know how I am technically challenged.

      I will send you an email right now with dates for a Skype chat. Have a lovely Sunday!

  1. You know, I didn’t fully understand how our environment really affects and influences our being until I moved to Peru. Environment changes everything, whether it has to do with the people, colors, air, light, and more… everything contributing to a general ambiance. Thank you for reminding me to be more observant. I’m imagining you noticing even more with Chica alongside, pointing out things that interest her as well. She would have a different perspective for sure. =)

    1. Samantha Bangayan Hi, Sam, lovely to see you, thanks for stopping by! What an accurate observation, you are so right: for the last 13 years I have taken Chica for the same walks all year round, in the beginning it was throwing sticks and playing with other dogs (well, Chica did the playing and I did the talking with the dog owners) and becoming more aware of the cycles of nature. But only when I started to take pictures I have become more observant (and Chica less interested in sticks and dogs but sniffing the same spot for hours). Yes, different perspective but keeping pace! =)

  2. This winter seems like the longest I can remember and it really has affected my mood. A week ago spring seemed to have sprung and my garden jollied up, then the rain, wind and frost returned. Today is meant to be nice again – So far the morning sun has dissolved in to cloud (albeit not as grey as normal) – but tomorrow the temperatures are meant to drop once more. Still, in true British tradition; the sun was meant to shine so we are preparing for the first barbecue of the season…and we will enjoy – come rain or shine! 
    I hope your weather improves soon – though Chica looks happy regardless 😉

    1. Lucylastica2 It is … (huge SIGH) and it has affected us all. Same situation here but finally a teeny bit warmer and I risked sowing some seeds in the last days, to be on the safe side I also got seedlings, haha.
      Enjoy your barbecue, I always admired you Brits when I was in Cornwall, rain or wind, it is summer and they wear shorts and sandals, whilst we mountain people are heavily covered in layers!  
      Chica is doing fine – if you can ignore the nights! Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. Aw, sorry you’re under the weather Barbara! Wouldn’t you love to be that person who was happy no matter what? And yet we are up and down with every little thing, the weather included.
    Those cherries look yummy! Reminds me that cherry season isn’t all THAT far away!
    Chin up  – summer is right around the corner!

    1. Oh yes, Lori, I’d love that, but we cannot be all Billy, can we? On the other hand, it’s good to know that I am part (although a very tiny) of nature and susceptible to its influences. It must be in the name!
      I hope the bees had a chance to do their job and we will have some cherries – cannot wait for them! The earliest I buy are from Italy, a lighter red and very juicy!

    1. ShannaHall Hi, Shana, thanks for stopping by! And yes, the weather has taken a brighter turn and my seedlings are rapidly growing catching up with time lost … 🙂

  4. So very true!  My grandmother used to always get depressed during the gloomy times and now I can relate.  Spring is quite the inspiration to feel love.

    1. CarlyAlyssaThorne Hi,Carly, thanks for stopping by and confirming that all is well and it is normal to be affected by our inner and outer environment. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Those cherries look delicious! I love pick me up soups all year around. I hope the weather improves as I really would like to see Europe in the spring without too much rain 🙂

    1. tandysinclair Hopefully you will have better weather in Europe, I mean it cannot go on like this for much longer! And then the cherries will be ripe, I especially love the Italian Duroni with their firm light red meat … mhhhh, succulent! Thanks, Tandy!

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