Late Bloomers Tomato Ketchup Recipe

Tomato Ketchup Recipe (revisited)

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When I was browsing my summer recipes I came upon this tomato ketchup recipe from 2011. I want to be prepared when the fully ripe tomatoes come on the market and make a new batch of tomato ketchup in two variations: one hot and spicy ketchup and a regular one. Some Background Information The origins of tomato ketchup are not …

DIY Easter project

My DIY Easter Project

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How I loved to dye eggs with onion peels for Easter when I was a child. We used to paint patterns on the dyed eggs with the help of tooth picks and diluted formic acid, closely watched by our mother as not to harm ourselves. My finished eggs never looked too good, I liberally sloshed formic acid around and my …

cooking in old times

Aniseed Cookies

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 Maybe you have experienced similar things in your family: certain recipes are the sole right of my Mum to use and spoil the family and friends with. One of them is an aniseed cookie we use to eat at Christmas. The most important feature of this aniseed cookie is the risen dough, the so called “Fuessli” = little feet. No …

Quince Lemon Chutney

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Last summer and autumn was my time for chutneys of all kind of fruit (apricots, peach, plum, apples – you name it). I adapted the following recipe from Madhur Jaffrey’s book of Currys (published in 1996, ISBN 978-0563387947), a highly informative book on the history of curry.   Quitten Lemon Chutney Result: 1 Liter Ingredients 1 untreated lemon salt 5 …