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Even More Salad Recipes And Tips

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After a spell of cooler weather and the rather depressive view on Bruderholz on my daily walks:


July - this is a joke

This is July? You must be joking!


I am back in full swing and preparing for a BBQ on Sunday (I trust the Beatles will be able to attend with my most favourite song – hinthint).

Do you like my salad recipes and tips? I have made a board for them on Pinterest, here you will find a whole collection of wonderful recipes from all over the world and for all seasons from different sources.


flower power

Enjoy your weekend



Get your inspiration for more summer salad recipes:

Day 1: Tomato – Mozzarella di Bufala – Basil Salad With a Twist

Day 2: Let’s Go Green Today

Day 3: Mediterranean Salad

Day 4: My Greek Salad

Day 5: Fruit Salad With Vanilla Ice Cream

Day 6: Chachumber – Indian Tomato Cucumber Salad

Day 7: Swiss Style Sausage And Cheese Salad


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