Tuesday Is Juice Day

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A Balmy Summer Evening

Last night’s dinner at friends’ was lovely, we ate on the balcony under a huge sunshade, a welcome light breeze rustling the bamboo plants surrounding the railing from time to time.

It is interesting how everybody has a different recipe for sausage and cheese salad, the ingredients here were sausage, Etivaz cheese (Etivaz, a savoury cheese made from raw cow milk in the Swiss alps in the canton of Vaud), gherkins, onions and chives with a vinaigrette.

always different

sausage and cheese salad

We agreed that cutting the ingredients in specific sizes is vital for the perfect flavour combination: the sausage in half rounds of 2 – 3 mm, the cheese slightly smaller with the same thickness.

No salad for lunch today after having eaten too much last night, following my gut feeling again I decided: Tuesday is juice day! I have much fruit at home that will go to waste if not immediately processed and consumed.

Summer Fruit Smoothie

Yield: 5 dl

2 flat peaches
1 nectarine
a handful of strawberries
a handful of cherries

Wash and pit fruit, roughly cut them in chunks and puree in an electric blender. I use my faithful Trisa blender I have had for years and is showing signs of wear. My choice would be an Nutribullet with an extra strong motor.


fruit cocktail

fruit cocktail

The result was a rich puree of approximately 5 dl sheer fruit. I tasted one glass, found it needed some other flavour and added 150 g organic yogurt: delicious and slightly more fluid.


Mix with Coconut water or almond milk, you can add crunched ice to make a lovely granita.

rich thick puree

left: sheer fruit puree, right: mixed with yogurt


I froze two portions @ 150 g each, a perfect size for a breakfast muesli.

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