gorgeous summer evening

Sausage And Cheese Salad (Swiss Style)

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As from today I will not be speaking about the weather any longer, I read in some paper that only old aunts do that!!

Last night’s dinner was delicious and plentiful, this always happens to me when I cook Indian food. My daughter gladly accepted the leftovers – waste not want not.



gorgeous summer evening

one of those lovely summer evenings


Did I mention that I did not sleep well last night? Oh, sorry, forgot this has something to do with the weather and I promised not to …

On the other hand when I did my daily plant routine today, mainly consisting in eating the ripe strawberries and harvesting my herbs for meals and teas, I noticed that the plants suffer from the heat as well …



basil peperoncino tomato plants

from left top: basil, tomato, peperoncino, “cherry” tomatoes


Leaving out lunch today I am delighted to be invited at friends’ for a sausage and cheese salad, a major culinary player in summer in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and some neighbouring regions in France. Each region has their special recipes and dressings.

I think the secret lies in the way of cutting the ingredients in approximately the same size and let all the flavours mingle in your mouth.

Some use a mayonnaise dressing, I say that only a vinaigrette will do!


Sausage And Cheese Salad (Swiss Style)

Serves 4 persons

200 g sausage (Servelat)
150 g cheese Gruyère or Emmenthaler
1 red onion
2 tomatoes
1 red pepper
50 g gherkin
2 hard-boiled eggs
some lettuce leaves and herbs for garnish

4 TS white wine vinegar
6 TS extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp mustard
sea salt + pepper


Peel and slice the sausages in halves, then finely slice them

Cut the cheese, the onion and the eggs in fine slices

Cut the tomatoes, the pepper and the gherkins in little cubes

Arrange the lettuce leaves in the salad bowl and gently place all the ingredients in the bowls

Garnish with some fresh herbs (chives, flat parsley)

Serve with bread or French fries



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