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Chachumber – Indian Tomato Cucumber Salad

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Today we are having guests for dinner and I am preparing Indian food: tandoori chicken, saffron rice with with spices, apricot chutney and chachumber, a tarty salad that will go well with the other flavours.

The heat wave continues and we went to a new place close to Therwil this morning at 7am, along a creek and up into the cool woods:


morning walk near Therwil

shady woods and view of Therwil


The chicken wings are marinating in the tandoori yogurt mixture (today I picked a store bought tandoori paste and added some lemon juice and cayenne pepper) and the apricot chutney is done and cooling. I used the same recipe as for my mango chutney.


cooling apricot chutney

apricot chutney


Chachumber (tomato cucumber salad)

Serves 4 persons

1 tsp cumin
2 onions
2 tomatoes (200 g)
1 nostrano cucumber (200 g)
3 – 4 TS fresh coriander
2 TS lemon juice
salt + pepper


dry roast the cumin in a skillet

dice tomato and cucumber, roughly slice onions

Mix with cooled cumin, lemon juice and coriander leaves, season with salt and pepper

Best prepared in advance and kept in a cool place so all the lovely aromas can unfold and infuse the other ingredients


my Indian salad

Chachumber Salad


Did you notice that the previous recipes are all easy to make in a few minutes? On top they are healthy and nutritious and do not cost a lot.

Do you have a favourite recipe you want like to share? Lori of Life, for instance  sent me her favourite recipe for potato salad in a comment. Or would you like to write a guest post for the summer salad recipes and tips? I could do with a helping hand while the heat wave persists.

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