2016 in pictures: super moon

2016 In Pictures

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A picture says more than 1’000 words   January My favourite cherry tree on my daily dog walk   Vogel Gryff on January 27, 2016 Read more about it in last year’s post. Mark your agenda: next Vogel Gryff will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017.   February   My five minutes of fame when I was interviewed for …

Happy birthday, Switzerland

Happy Birthday, Switzerland

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Many Happy Returns On Your 725th Anniversary, Switzerland! In 1291 three communities (Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden) in the mountainous region banded together to ward off outside interference, mainly against the powerful Habsburgs, and founded Switzerland. We learnt in school all about the founding of Switzerland, how canton after canton joined the confederation, the many bloody wars they fought against intruders, …

my favourite flowers

2015 In Pictures – A Review

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I did it last year so here we go again: For hours I have been perusing my pictures of 2015, other people might prefer to look it up in their agendas or diaries, browse their credit cards statements or book orders on Amazon (I will not do that, I have only read trivial fiction!), or – if you have a …

Tour de Diesse art gallery in Neuchâtel

Take a Break!

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A Day in Neuchâtel, Switzerland Switzerland is a small country and has much to offer off the beaten track. Neuchâtel is easily reached within 1 ½ hours by train or car. We chose to go by train and enjoyed the morning ride via Delémont, Moutier, Grenchen, Biel to Neuchâtel. The weather was absolutely stunning: a light fog covering the rocks …

Ready To Go On A Holiday?

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I am the world’s worst packer and my time management sucks. When I was younger this did not worry me at all. I used to work until the last minute, quickly throw something in my suitcase and arrive just before the call “Gates will be soon closed, will passenger YYZ please proceed to gate 13”. Amazing that I only missed …

The Third Time

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What does it feel like when you do something more often than once? Will this exciting feeling of novelty have worn off? What will it be replaced with? A feeling of recognition, of homecoming? What the heck is she talking about? Has she taken a turn for the worse and will she be talking about her sex life? Do not …

YOUR TURN! Vidya Takes Us to Heaven

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  I am so excited, honoured  and proud to present the first guest post in the new series YOUR TURN! by Vidya Sury. When I first read her lovely post I felt in (culinary) heaven and as it is my privilege to pick the title, here goes! I met Vidya online and enjoyed reading her posts and comments on many blogs. I admire …

How To Prolong Your Summer

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  How Do You Prolong Your Summer? Easy: Take A Holiday In Southern Tuscany Maremma Mia Are you ready for the upcoming season of long nights and short days? Layers and layers of warm cloths, warming caps or hats, boots and gloves, running noses, coughing. Have you tanked enough sun to last you for the next months of low temperatures, …

Roma, bella Roma – Part III

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A Date, a Visit to a Museum and Some Roman Tips I am really nervous tonight: I have a date. I am very exited to get to know Fabrizio Faraco in real life, we have met online through a professional group on Facebook. Those of you who have made friends online and got to meet them in real life as …

Roma, Bella Roma – Part II

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When in Rome do as the Romans Do. I wonder if a native of Rome has ever taken an official tour of Rome? We do and this is our official tour day, the concierge books a tour with a company called Ciao Roma for us (€ 26.00 per person).