Wishing You All A Spectacular 2014!

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We have survived the opulence of the holidays and there is only a tiny portion of 2013 left.

Yawn … another post on gratitude and resolutions?

We are drowning in posts, article, tweets and pins of eternal gratitude and New Year’s resolutions. I beg not to be misunderstood: nothing wrong with that and kudos to those committing to resolutions and sticking to them for more than 2 hours.

It is not my thing because I have finally acknowledged I belong to the latter group.

It has been quite a year IRL and I am most thankful for all the wonderful friends (ah NO, she is doing it after all!) online, you carried me onward when I felt sad, you laughed with me about the fun stuff and you offered advice and encouragement.

Thank you so much – I hope I was able to do the same for you.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many talented people, maybe you’d like to get to know some better:

Kaarina of Kaarina Dillabough: one day we will make our dream come true and enjoy Tuscany’s wonders together

Lori of Life, for Instance, courageous friend and stout supporter who invited me to her inspiring goggle+ hangouts


Mark of Mark Harai, marketing specialist and living in one of the most beautiful spots in this world

Joshua of Joshua Wilner, speed writer with a great family sense and fun to hang out with

Steve of True Spiritual Awakening, intuitive and caring friend

Carolyn of The Wonder of Tech: she knows all about the latest apps and gadgets and shares her knowledge in a way that even a technically challenged person (= ME) understands it

Do you do google+ Hangouts? They are great and be not surprised when something larger might develop from it.

The wonderful members of PBAU, a group of dedicated personal bloggers

Claudia of Social Media DDS, wonderful friend with a big heart and multi talented

Vidya of Vidya Sury who told me about her happy jar and only lives a courtyard away

Bill of billdorman who is still a very much felt presence online although he posts every six months now

My favourite food bloggers for the obvious reason:

Jamie  of Life’s a Feast

Jeanne of Cook Sister

Meeta of What’s For Lunch, Honey?

Ilva of Lucullian Delights

A pleasure to see Jamie and Ilva together in Plated Stories

Ozoz of Kitchen Butterfly

Tandy of lavender and lime

Robert of Lamiacucina

How do I keep up with my online life and still get some sleep? I am a member of some groups on Facebook and I can only recommend becoming part of a group, sharing the same interests and supporting each other in social media marketing.

I am particularly grateful to be included in this awesome group KIWK.

My latest social media engagement this year has been joining Bloglovin and to able to claim my blog I was asked to include this in my latest post: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I trust you will bear with me or even follow me there as well. Thank you.

My last post in 2012 was Liebster Blog Award and my wishes for a happy New Year were hopefully reinforced with the virtual offering of our Swiss good luck sign:


good luck

Lots of piglets


I had to downscale some this year and therefore I humbly present this year’s wishes with fewer pigs:


chocolate pglet

2014: one happy chocolate piglet


May you all prosper and grow in the direction envisaged,

enjoy good health and have fun along the way!

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  1. You don’t receive more than you give Barbara. You’ve been there for me too during a very challenging year.
    I’m looking forward to a better 2014.
    You and me both!

  2. Liz Posmyk Hi, Liz, thanks for stopping by and here’s to a healthy 2014 that gives us all we need. 

    Are they not cute? I will not eat mine but keep them prominently displayed in my kitchen …

  3. JSJ2020 Ah, Muriel, so sorry for the late reply, I thought I had written to you but this must have been on FB – shucks, this is early dementia! Let’s hope that the rest of this baby year will be nice(r) to us!

    I am so happy for your success in the The Times magazine and keep my fingers crossed for your literary future!

  4. JSJ2020 The piglets are really delicious, it is the best of massepain after all! But I do not eat them, I have to post a pic of them displayed on top of some bottles in those old fashioned metallic boxes, a feast of pink, orange and red!

  5. Awwww….you are an amazing woman Late_Bloomers (Barbara!!!)  Thank you SO much for including me in your celebration of the New Year!  I consider myself so very lucky to have you as a friend.  I know that someday we will enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea in Basel (or ANYWHERE in Europe…I’m not picky 😉 )  Have a most magical 2014 Barbara….fill it with adventure and abundance and love!  Let your heart swell with happiness!  

    Many ((HUGS)) my friend!


  6. SocialMediaDDS Late_Bloomers  YES, Claudia, we will make it happen: celebrate life together, maybe even in the States. When I reach my business goals in 2014 I will be there in March 2015! 

    I went to Vienna last weekend and even if the weather was below dismal, it was invigorating to be in a different environment and enjoy the splendours of an empire long gone, next to sitting through a long long business meeting.

    Thank you so much for your lovely wishes (and as always may they come back to you threefold), one has already turned reality: I have a new dog, a sweet puppy of 11 months who keeps me on my toes!

    Big, big hugs

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