Has It Really Been 4 Years?

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Have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday? Do you remember how that feels? Not nice, I bet!

Well, I completely forgot that Late Bloomers celebrated its 4th anniversary last Friday.

I was so busy with planning and organizing my Open House – which was a complete success by the way – and had I remembered I would have toasted my blog with one of the many glasses of wine we all had.

And how do I feel about it now? A little bit sad but also very much aware that sometimes real life takes precedence and that it is ok. I cannot have it all as much as I would like to.

I am running a one woman show – blog, Late Bloomers products, social media marketing, family, dog – and the last months have dealt me some heavy blows.

As much as I regret not having regularly posted these last months and hopefully being missed by you all, there are times in all our lives when we are allowed to step back, rearrange our lives and resurface with batteries recharged.

I did a summary of my blogging experiences in last year’s anniversary post, you can read it HERE.



Priorat Les Sentius, 2009


Last night I met up with friends old and new at Jay’s in Ackermannshof and we enjoyed a lovely Priorat DOCa Les Sentius, a full bodied wine that perfectly accompanied the spicy Indian dishes. It is a lovely place in an old historical building in St. Johanns-Vorstadt and I highly recommend it. Next time I will go there I will not forget to take pictures of the food …

Here’s to all of us and thanks to all of you who accompany me on my journey!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Barbara 🙂 I understand the gaps in your posting schedule only too well. We all need a break to recharge our batteries now and then. I”m just so glad you started four years ago because otherwise we’d not have met at all 😮

  2. Lori Good morning, Lori! Thanks a ton, also for the shout out on FB. You are a role model for me, you hardly ever miss out on posting. I keep reminding myself that blogging is therapy but ….

    So true: had we not all started blogging we’d never met – very happy for it!

    Have a very productive new week, Lori!

  3. Ah my friend, it has been an interesting, challenging, fun and sometimes not-fun journey, right? I’ve been very remiss in my blogging and my visiting of others’ blogs as I too consider next steps. Like Lori said: there are many of us who connected around the same time, and regardless of time or distance, we do stay in touch, even when that’s infrequent. Happy Blogaversary my friend. Cheers! Kaarina

  4. KDillabough How lovely to see you, Kaarina, and thank you so much! You will be next to celebrate! The good thing about human nature is that in the end we will remember the fun, the laughter, the interesting discussions (I will never forget your great A – Z series) and blend out the not-so-fun stuff! I would not want to miss the experience of blogging itself and the thrill of conquering the technical challenges ..

    And the best about it is having connected and made friends that go beyond cyber space! One of these days, Kaarina, ….

  5. No matter how frequently you post, I always like reading your posts. Life (and blogging) can get overwhelming, so I wish you find the rhythm that works for you.

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