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Happy Valentine’s Day

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When I was young Valentine’s Day was unknown in Switzerland. I was also ignorant about its gory origins. Funny, only today my Mom told me about it. It must be in our genes, probably that’s where my quirky sense of humour stems from.

February 14 is my father’s birthday, he would have turned 94 this year. My Dad died at a very early age of 39, leaving a young widow of 34 and two children aged 11 and 8. This sucks.


my handsome Dad

My handsome Dad

I do not associate Valentine Day with romantic love but with thankful love for my Dad and Mom, thinking of him and the short time we were allowed to share together, thinking of her and showing my appreciation and love by giving her something special.

Today I went out for a walk with Roco and picked up some cherry twigs that carry buds (the farmer had cut off the superfluous twigs). Put in water they will slowly start to grow and show their beautiful blossoms in a fortnight or such.

And my Mom gifted me with tulips, the messengers of spring:

messenger of spring

Tulips: their blossom tips show the bright colour yet to come


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day all!


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  1. I’m sorry that you lost your dad at such an early age:( But I hope you now find Valentine’s Day a day of peace. Ike and I really don’t celebrate it: for us, love exists every day, and we don’t do anything different or special to celebrate. We did when we were younger (MUCH younger), and I definitely enjoy seeing others who enjoy the day, starry-eyed and full of blossoming. You must post a photo of those tulips when they blossom. Love and hugs, Kaarina

  2. KDillabough  Thank you so much, Kaarina my friend, you are right: Valentine’s Day is a day of peace and gratitude.

    As we never celebrated it in Switzerland in earlier days, it has not much meaning to me, and I am all for cherishing each day and moment.

    I will definitely post pictures of the tulips.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy running (how cold is it now?)! 

    Hugs, Barbara

  3. Thank you for sharing your story.  Sounds like you have a ritual all your own for February 14th and for that I am happy for you.

  4. tandysinclair  Thank you, Tandy, and they are starting to open up … so lovely, if only spring would do the same. Each year my feeling bad about winter seems to grow, and we even did not have a harsh winter yet.

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