What A Beautiful Morning

Barbara Klein Basel, English: 8 Comments

This morning I left home at an unusually early hour as I had to take my car to the garage to be serviced. It was still dark but the sky bore promises of a sunny day with dirt orange and pink clouds pushing through the darkness.

I was amazed at the heavy traffic and the crowds patiently waiting at the bus stops. It reminded me somewhat of London where you are used to endlessly wait for public transport. As all traffic was inward bound and as my garage is a little bit further away from Basel, I had no problem reaching my destination.



daybreak in an industrial quarter

I used public transport to get back into town, reading the newspaper and meaning to go back to work

Was it the unexpected sunshine or the colours that inspired me to do something different and unexpected?

I got out at the next stop and walked across the Mittlere Rheinbrücke (the oldest bridge in Basel) and enjoyed the lovely sight:



Mittlere Rheinbrücke towards Kleinbasel

There was hardly anybody on the bridge and I felt as if I owned the world. Turning to the right you will see the majestic the Münster (cathedral) in Grossbasel:





What a lovely view! The two steeples are faintly mirrored in the water.

Do you ever do something unexpected and away from your daily routine? Does it inspire you, does it make you feel more alive?

It made me feel vibrantly alive and looking forward to everything this lovely autumn day will bring me!


Wishing you a great day and lots of unexpected things!

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  1. I love the feeling of “owning the bridge” or the beach – having it all to myself. There is something about being alone in nature which inspires me!
    A good morning to you too Barbara! What a great way to start your day!

  2. Lori Good morning, Lori! It was absolutely beautiful and so revitalizing! When I came home I decided to vamp up my “showroom” as I am preparing for an Open House in a week’s time, I have loads of boxes, packaging material and decoration stuff out in the hallway  – help, I’d rather go out in the sunshine! and now I am looking for a whole box of plastic stoppers and cannot find them! I like to have choices: which one shall it be?

  3. So beautiful and peaceful. And of course, you know that our shared love of taking photos is what transports me and nourishes my soul. Beautiful photos my friend. Cheers! Kaarina

  4. KDillabough Good morning to you, Kaarina, and I trust the sun is out and shining on all the beautiful foliage today! Indeed, it is soul nourishing and we can always go back to that peaceful state of mind by looking at them!
    Absolutely love your post about the EH TEAM, there is so much potential in it and I am very very curious to see where it will take you/us!

  5. So many good things come out of changing our regular patterns, especially if it means getting a head start on the rest of the world.  Add to that an enjoyable spontaneous action … and what an energy boost!  😉

  6. Barbara, you’ll have the actual full moon in Basel at 1:38 a.m. tonight (Friday to Saturday), and a somewhat visible 75% lunar eclipse starting around midnight, peaking at 1:50 a.m., and waning until about 4 a.m.  (It’s penubral, so more faint than usual.)  For us, it’s around sunset, so much less visible.  Lots of good energies out there tonight … and lots of crazy drivers. 😉

  7. sharonoday Sharon, you are amazing, thanks and now I will have to look up “penubral” which sounds so much like “prenuptial” but certainly does not mean the same! Happy for good energy (I am meeting up with old school friends from Gymnasium) and no fear, I will not drive tonight. Big hugs, Barbara

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