carnival in Basel

Basel Fasnacht 2016

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Sunday Before Fasnacht Fasnacht always starts on Sunday with the legendary pasta party at home. And each year we have the same discussion as to when we started this tradition, I think it must be close to 50 years! The traditional yellow bouquet The same procedure each year: sherry for pre lunch drinks, mache salad with celery (finely grated) and …

lanterns and full moon at Vogel Gryff

Basel In January 2016

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The new year is not yet one month old and we celebrate the first highlight in Basel: Vogel Gryff Vogel Gryff is the most important holiday in Glaibasel (little Basel on the right bank side of the river Rhine) and is always celebrated in January, 13, 20 or 27 alternately. The three figures – Wilde Maa (the savage), Leu (the …

Basler Fasnacht – Carneval de Bâle

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Sometimes you do not get what you wish for and sometimes your timing sucks! Big time this year: a week before Fasnacht (carneval) I caught a cold (or so I thought) and could not practise, try to play the piccolo (or any other flute) with a cough! I finally heeded the advice to go and see my doctor. He prescribed …

Carnevale, Carnival or Fasnacht

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or What Has Meat Got To Do With It? Fasnacht or Carnival celebrates (or mourns) the beginning of Lent, the period in which you are not supposed to eat meat. In Basel Fasnacht takes place one week after Ash Wednesday. It is known to be the biggest Protestant carnival of the world, with roughly 20’000 participants. Want more history and …