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On the Farmer Market

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Today I went to the farmer market in Lörrach, across the border in Germany.

The market takes place three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I regularly go there with my friend on a Saturday morning, enjoy visiting the same farmers and buy fruit and vegetable, occasionally bringing home new plants or fragrant roses. You will also find a lovely selection of cheese, cured meat and sausages, bread, tarts and other homemade goods.

What a change today compared to two weeks ago when still cabbage and winter produce ruled: spring flowers abound, the first white asparagus, radishes and my favourite, locally grown strawberries have arrived.

They are still rather expensive (€4.50 for 500 g), sheer luxury but I will savour each and every one, inhaling their fragrance and tasting their sweetness.



the first of this season

the first local strawberries


On the way back we stopped at the Italian butcher shop, Capizzi, and I bought some finely cut prosciutto cotto (boiled and slightly smoked ham with a delicious hint of herbs) to be paired with white asparagus and sauce hollandaise.

I also took home Capizzi’s salsiccia piccante con finocchio (spicy sausage with fennel), some of it to be grilled and some of it will go into a sugo bolognese.

Today I am a very happy person!



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  1. always a good idea to support your local farmer’s market. Here in New Jersey the suburban towns stay in full swing until mid autumn.

  2. LuAnn Braley Lol, LuAnn, we had to wait a long time for those gorgeous strawberries to arrive! Great that you plan to grow some in your garden, they are so easy to maintain and will spread so fast – good luck and keep me posted on your strawberry project! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  3. joe_rosenberg Hi, Joe, great to see you at Late Bloomers! I was in New England some years ago and loved the farmer markets. I also adored the innovative food ideas served in local restaurants.

  4. I love the turning of the seasons and the new fruits it brings. I  hope you savoured each and every one!

  5. I would also cross the border for a market like that! We bought very expensive strawberries in Paris, but they were so worth it 🙂

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