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A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap

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In the last weeks I have collected my egg boxes instead of shredding them, adding them to my compost or returning them to the farmer for further uses.

I will try to grow my chili seedlings in them. The egg compartments should make ideal seed beds, putting two to three seeds in each one.

Here is an easy step by step guide for your own chili sowing adventure:



egg boxes

Recycling egg boxes


Cut away the lids, shred and add the bits to your compost silo.


egg boxes compartment

Egg compartments make great seed beds

I wonder whether I am too late with sowing my chili seeds and will check some gardening sites. This Gardener’s Calendar offers some useful tips, you can find the information here.

Some recommend seeding chillies in March before the last frost-free days, April should do as well.

Chillies come in all sizes, colours and grades of hotness (the professional term for this heat scale is Scoville). More information here.

I mean to grow two different kinds of chilli this year: the short Thai bird’s eye (seeds from last year’s harvest) and a hotter round chilli (a friend gave me the seeds).


my own compost soil

very proud to have my own compost soil

bird's eye chili

Thai bird’s eye chilli seeds

put in some soil

Fill in some soil and put two to three seeds in each compartment

cover up

cover up with a little soil and carefully water

home in the greenhouse

Home for my chili seeds for the coming weeks


Do not sow seeds too deep.

Soften the seeds by soaking them in water, this helps germination.

Carefully water the seeds from the top in order not to dislodge the seeds. Capsicum plants love water but be prudent, too much water can rot the seeds.

Use fresh compost whenever possible as it contains nutrients.


First report after 10 days: no results yet – have patience!


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  1. Hi Barbara!
    My husband has started our plants too, first in the house and now in the greenhouse! Seems funny to do with snow piles still lying around everywhere! But better to start early than too late.

    I’m sure you have some great recipes for those chillies. I’m staying tuned!

  2. Lori Hi Lori!

    Does he grow chillies as well? Or are the warm seasons not long enough in your region? It really seems like winter has a tenacious hold on you this year! And hope that you will not be flooded again.

    I love chillies in practically everything, especially in salads when combined with sweet apples!

    Have a wonderful new week and let spring in!

  3. Late_Bloomers No, we don’t grow chillies. Not sure if our season is long enough and I don’t use them all that much!

    No flooding so far, so we seem to be okay. And spring IS coming 🙂 I actually sat in the sun yesterday!


  4. I tried this method and ended up with one chilli bush out of the 6 seeds I planted. So hope it works for you. I have also found that planting into an egg shell in the egg box makes it easier to handle 🙂

  5. tandysinclair Hi, Tandy, according to your results I should have a bummer harvest! It still is early days and the nights are really cold, so far, no green tips yet! What a great idea to use the egg shell, additional fertilizer and stability 🙂 Have a great week!

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