2016 in pictures: super moon

2016 In Pictures

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A picture says more than 1’000 words



2016 in pictures
My favourite cherry tree on my daily dog walk


2016 in pictures: January
Vogel Gryff on January 27, 2016

Read more about it in last year’s post.

Mark your agenda: next Vogel Gryff will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017.




2016 in pictures: February

My five minutes of fame when I was interviewed for an article (and recipe) Regio aktuell, a regional magazine.



2016 in pictures: Roco
Roco turned 3 years old



2016 in pictures: April
Magnolia blossom near Pauluskirche in Basel


2016 in pictures: Italy in April
A relaxing weekend in Italy

I highly recommend the lovely home from home in Monforte d’Alba: Il Grillo Parlante, enjoy the lovely food and wine of Piedmont, the dolce far niente and excursions to Alba, Asti, Dogliani etc.




2016 in pictures: May
Elderberry blossoms



2016 in pictures: June

Cherry bounty



2016 in pictures: July
Summer in the city – Schlüsselberg in Basel


2016 in pictures: July
My birthday



2016 in pictures: August

Summer is pickling time

Have you ever made your own pickles? I have a lovely recipe here!




2016 in pictures: September
Apple harvest




2016 in pictures: October
Figs from our own tree

We have a fig tree in our garden, after years of being barren it carried fruit this year and I was able to make some mustard fig.


2016 in pictures: October
Memories of a lovely day trip to Val de Travers




2016 in pictures: November Japan
My daughter and I spent this month traveling to Japan and Australia. It was unusually warm in Tokyo, we missed out on the gorgeous colouring of the leaves but had a wonderful time nonetheless.


2016 in pictures: Australia
Forgotten are the long flights, we have made so many beautiful memories visiting relatives in Cairns, Australia and making a short stop on the way back in Perth.



2016 in pictures: December
The annual Harley parade in Basel


2016 in pictures: December
The cherry tree in the last days of December


I am grateful for all the lovely memories made this year, gratitude to all who have made me laugh this year, thank you for your friendship, I enjoyed my walks in nature that help me to stay grounded, going to the local farmer market and trying out old and new restaurants, regrets I have a few: for not getting everything done on my list, for not posting more regularly but hell, more days are to come!


2016 in pictures: welcome 2017!
Very much with Madonna on “f**ck off 2016”,

welcome 2017 with a big leap from Roco!


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  1. This is beautiful Barbara! You capture the moments so eloquently, if that makes sense!
    I’m so with you in bidding 2016 a swift adieu. May 2017 be better, please!
    Happy New Year my friend!

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      Ah, dear Lori, you catch me in a very morose moment … but it gave me great pleasure to assemble the pictures of 2016, so much to do, so little time. Did you notice all the nature pics – they make me feel so good and grounded! Poor Roco, he has been very patient today and now he deserves a big walk!
      Out with 2016, in with 2017!
      Thank you for your friendship, dear friend!

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