2016 in pictures: super moon

2016 In Pictures

A picture says more than 1’000 words



2016 in pictures
My favourite cherry tree on my daily dog walk


2016 in pictures: January
Vogel Gryff on January 27, 2016

Read more about it in last year’s post.

Mark your agenda: next Vogel Gryff will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017.




2016 in pictures: February

My five minutes of fame when I was interviewed for an article (and recipe) Regio aktuell, a regional magazine.



2016 in pictures: Roco
Roco turned 3 years old



2016 in pictures: April
Magnolia blossom near Pauluskirche in Basel


2016 in pictures: Italy in April
A relaxing weekend in Italy

I highly recommend the lovely home from home in Monforte d’Alba: Il Grillo Parlante, enjoy the lovely food and wine of Piedmont, the dolce far niente and excursions to Alba, Asti, Dogliani etc.




2016 in pictures: May
Elderberry blossoms



2016 in pictures: June

Cherry bounty



2016 in pictures: July
Summer in the city – Schlüsselberg in Basel


2016 in pictures: July
My birthday



2016 in pictures: August

Summer is pickling time

Have you ever made your own pickles? I have a lovely recipe here!




2016 in pictures: September
Apple harvest




2016 in pictures: October
Figs from our own tree

We have a fig tree in our garden, after years of being barren it carried fruit this year and I was able to make some mustard fig.


2016 in pictures: October
Memories of a lovely day trip to Val de Travers




2016 in pictures: November Japan
My daughter and I spent this month traveling to Japan and Australia. It was unusually warm in Tokyo, we missed out on the gorgeous colouring of the leaves but had a wonderful time nonetheless.


2016 in pictures: Australia
Forgotten are the long flights, we have made so many beautiful memories visiting relatives in Cairns, Australia and making a short stop on the way back in Perth.



2016 in pictures: December
The annual Harley parade in Basel


2016 in pictures: December
The cherry tree in the last days of December


I am grateful for all the lovely memories made this year, gratitude to all who have made me laugh this year, thank you for your friendship, I enjoyed my walks in nature that help me to stay grounded, going to the local farmer market and trying out old and new restaurants, regrets I have a few: for not getting everything done on my list, for not posting more regularly but hell, more days are to come!


2016 in pictures: welcome 2017!
Very much with Madonna on “f**ck off 2016”,

welcome 2017 with a big leap from Roco!



9 responses to “2016 In Pictures”

  1. Lori Gosselin avatar

    This is beautiful Barbara! You capture the moments so eloquently, if that makes sense!
    I’m so with you in bidding 2016 a swift adieu. May 2017 be better, please!
    Happy New Year my friend!

    1. Barbara Klein avatar

      Ah, dear Lori, you catch me in a very morose moment … but it gave me great pleasure to assemble the pictures of 2016, so much to do, so little time. Did you notice all the nature pics – they make me feel so good and grounded! Poor Roco, he has been very patient today and now he deserves a big walk!
      Out with 2016, in with 2017!
      Thank you for your friendship, dear friend!

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  3. Lowell avatar

    Really Amazing! I will include Tokyo on my bucket list because of this reminder. Happy New Year Barbara. Thanks

    1. Barbara Klein avatar

      Thank you, Lowell, happy New Year! A great idea to visit Tokyo, there is so much to do and see in this wonderful town, you will love it!

    1. Barbara Klein avatar

      Thank you, Michael, happy New Year!

  4. Daniel Stone avatar

    happy new year Barbera, hope you have many more adventures

    1. Barbara Klein avatar

      Thank you, Daniel, have the most magnificent 2017 and here’s to great adventures for all of us!

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