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  • My DIY Easter Project

    My DIY Easter Project

    How I loved to dye eggs with onion peels for Easter when I was a child. We used to paint patterns on the dyed eggs with the help of tooth picks and diluted formic acid, closely watched by our mother as not to harm ourselves. My finished eggs never looked too good, I liberally sloshed […]

  • Basel Fasnacht 2016

    Basel Fasnacht 2016

    Sunday Before Fasnacht Fasnacht always starts on Sunday with the legendary pasta party at home. And each year we have the same discussion as to when we started this tradition, I think it must be close to 50 years! The traditional yellow bouquet The same procedure each year: sherry for pre lunch drinks, mache salad […]

  • Basel In January 2016

    Basel In January 2016

    The new year is not yet one month old and we celebrate the first highlight in Basel: Vogel Gryff Vogel Gryff is the most important holiday in Glaibasel (little Basel on the right bank side of the river Rhine) and is always celebrated in January, 13, 20 or 27 alternately. The three figures – Wilde […]

  • Sunday Sunrise Smoothie

    Sunday Sunrise Smoothie

    Smoothies are a great way to start your day, they contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. You can use up your fruit or vegetable and there is no limit to your imagination: spice them up with seeds, nuts, herbs and spices! I use seasonal and regional produce, in winter it will be apples, pears, oranges […]

  • My Word For 2016

    My Word For 2016

    You certainly know this inspirational exercise of picking three words for this new year 2016 that will guide you in your motivation, decision and action. I first encountered it years ago on Chris Brogan’s blog and have done so ever since. This year I will share with you what I have come up with. Chris […]

  • 2015 In Pictures – A Review

    2015 In Pictures – A Review

    I did it last year so here we go again: For hours I have been perusing my pictures of 2015, other people might prefer to look it up in their agendas or diaries, browse their credit cards statements or book orders on Amazon (I will not do that, I have only read trivial fiction!), or […]

  • Another One To Go

    Another One To Go

    One Month Left I am never more acutely aware of time flying than in the last two months of each year. When a baby year knocks on my door I have the impression of endless riches, a pot filled with days to liberally spend, a treasure chest of opportunities and chances. And there is so […]

  • Take a Break!

    Take a Break!

    A Day in Neuchâtel, Switzerland Switzerland is a small country and has much to offer off the beaten track. Neuchâtel is easily reached within 1 ½ hours by train or car. We chose to go by train and enjoyed the morning ride via Delémont, Moutier, Grenchen, Biel to Neuchâtel. The weather was absolutely stunning: a […]

  • What’s Up?

    What’s Up?

    What do a blog, a candle and a recipe have in common? They all need love, passion, courage, patience, discipline and perseverance! And the willingness to learn something new every day. The Blog First When I started with Late Bloomers nearly five years ago – this was my first post in English: Quince Lemon Chutney […]

  • My Grandmother’s Recipes: Aliba

    My Grandmother’s Recipes: Aliba

            Both my grandparents lived in the same town as we did and we regularly saw them, at least once a week. I loved eating at my grandparents’ as both grandmothers were great cooks. Certainly not the only reason I loved seeing them but I cherished good food from early childhood on. […]

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