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Hot Summer Salad Recipes and Tips

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      In summer when the weather is really hot my brains turn to mush! And when it comes to eating my mind’s a blank! I do not crave any hot food and I do not want to stand in the kitchen cooking hot meals. I remember when we spent our holidays at my mum’s home in Southern Spain …

fragrant lilac from the market

On the Farmer Market

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Today I went to the farmer market in Lörrach, across the border in Germany. The market takes place three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I regularly go there with my friend on a Saturday morning, enjoy visiting the same farmers and buy fruit and vegetable, occasionally bringing home new plants or fragrant roses. You will also find a lovely …

my own compost soil

A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap

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In the last weeks I have collected my egg boxes instead of shredding them, adding them to my compost or returning them to the farmer for further uses. I will try to grow my chili seedlings in them. The egg compartments should make ideal seed beds, putting two to three seeds in each one. Here is an easy step by …

All We Need Is a Little Bit of Loving

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A little while ago I wrote a blog post Who Needs Customers? and this is the sequel to it: The Story I ordered perfume from a prestigious perfume maker in Paris in November 2014, they were unable to deliver the goods and promised a refund on my credit card. This never happened. I cancelled my membership for a national marketing …

2014 In Pictures

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Every year has its ups and downs. I do not believe in one year ending and rushing to its funeral, I do not believe in welcoming a new year and everything will be different. For years I have been caught up with the year end frenzy of getting things done before midnight on January 31, trying to reach as many …

how to store white truffles

White Gold – Tartufo Bianco

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We are near the end of the white truffle season and tonight we will enjoy this delicacy, maybe for the last time this year.   The white gold – white truffles from Alba   White truffles (tuber magnatum) are a fungus and can be found in various places but there is only one tuber magnatum pico and that’s the one …


Has It Really Been 4 Years?

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  Have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday? Do you remember how that feels? Not nice, I bet! Well, I completely forgot that Late Bloomers celebrated its 4th anniversary last Friday. I was so busy with planning and organizing my Open House – which was a complete success by the way – and had I remembered I would have …