Ready To Go On A Holiday?

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I am the world’s worst packer and my time management sucks.

When I was younger this did not worry me at all. I used to work until the last minute, quickly throw something in my suitcase and arrive just before the call “Gates will be soon closed, will passenger YYZ please proceed to gate 13”.

Amazing that I only missed two flights in my long traveling career.

When taking a trip what do you need to pay attention to? Let’s say you have booked all your flights and hotel arrangements, read a ton of traveling reports on the places you want to see and you are ever so ready to go.

Make a packing list, it will save you time and spare you the agonizing moment when you realize you have forgotten your bathing suit.

Make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Tickets + hotel reservations
  • some cash in local currency
  • credit cards
  • Backup passport, driver licence, international vaccination document
  • telephone numbers
  • leave a copy of all this with your family / friends



And now you are ready to leave the cold winter, lean back and enjoy your trip: Bon voyage and safe traveling!



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  1. I always have a copy of my passport (PDF, to be honest) in my computer files and in my webserver.  (The latter so, with two sets of passwords, is available to me anywhere.)  And, I “calendar” each reservation made in Outlook (with documentation and the category “Air” [even if it’s hotel or car reservations), so it synchs with my phone and tablet, too.
    But, then, I pack no more than an hour before I leave… and try to get to the airport as late as possible (yes, those scowling looks are for me.)

  2. Hi, Bob, lovely to see you here. I am now in my fourth week of a very relaxing holiday in Thailand.
    A list before heading to the gym? You made me smile and I’d love to see your colleagues’ faces when you go the gym (without consultung your list)!!

  3. Oh my days, how did you manage to pack like that when you had a flight? I’m pretty similarly lackadaisical most of the time but if I’m ever flying anywhere I get super-paranoid about forgetting something vital and having no recourse to retrieve it. I think I will start using the list approach though.

  4. Micah Yongo Welcome to Late Bloomers, Micah, and thanks for your thoughts. Today I wonder as well how I managed to survive my own attitude!! And I barely ever forgot anything.
    As I travel quite often I keep small bags with first-aid stuff, medication or cosmetics ready, the small bags are necessary because of airline regulations and go into my carry-on. 
    You could also start with making lists for different climates way ahead of your travel date.

  5. tandysinclair Hi, Tandy, I am much better these days 😉 Thanks and have a great new week! I am really happy that finally spring is on its way here, the winter blues a thing of the past and it did help a lot to spend all January in Thailand.

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