Summer Dream Diffuser

CHF 48.00

A lovely composition of sheer essential oils: top notes of grapefruit and herbs, followed by warm heart notes of sweet geranium, lavender and rosemary, with cedar rounding it up. The chosen essential oils keep mosquitoes and wasps away!

Our diffusers come in two sizes: 3.5 oz. in round bottles and 7 oz. in square bottles, we always supply 10 reeds with it.

Also available in candles, soaps and essential oil


Our reed diffusers are a great alternative to candles when preferring to softly scenting a room without a flame and complement our range of candles, soaps and oils.

Reed diffuser is the home fragrance system that offers months of fragrance without a flame. This is a very subtle form of diffusion and can be used to diffuse both essential oils and fragrance oils.

We use dipropylene glycol as a base, a water-soluble and colourless liquid with low-odour and low volatility. Because of these characteristics, dipropylene glycol is an excellent solvent for many organic materials. It mixes beautifully with all essential and fragrance oils.

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550g (7oz)


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