A Day In The Life … Green Thumbs And The Weather

Barbara Klein English: 2 Comments

Day #11

Today I picked the last tomatoes of this year’s miserable harvest. In spring it was too cold and too wet, in summer too hot and too dry and now that autumn is on the threshold they have given up!

I might have two left hands but I have always prided myself on having green thumbs.

Last year my tomatoes were huge, juicy and sweet, this year they are tiny in comparison and their taste? Well, adequate!


my last tomatoes

My last tomatoes

I set my hopes on the chillies, they took a long time in growing and making blossoms but look at those beauties:

promising chilllies

At least my chillies are nicely coming along


We can influence a lot of things but we cannot beat the weather.


Day #11: Learning to go with the flow




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  1. Barbara, 
    That photo looks very familiar! 🙂

    We have essentially given up on getting large tomatoes here but just go straight to the cherry tomatoes! My husband is a seed-saver, so whenever we taste a tomato we like, he saves the seeds for the next year. This reminds me, I have to go out and pick today and freeze another bag or two. How do you (on a good year) preserve your tomatoes?

  2. Lori Hi Lori! LOL, we all have the same luck with the tomatoes this year all over the world, Lucy from England says the same.
    I make sugo napoletano, some with garlic, some without, or spicy ketchup, right now I have a pot with passata (sounds good and means: pureed tomatoes!) which I only lightly aromatize with herbs on the stove. I sterilize all the jars. I mainly use the freezer for meat.
    Darn, I still have not gotten around to replying to livefyre … I have to tell you what I have been doing all week offline. Not today though, it is rather late (past midnight).

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