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Day #7


This morning I read yesterday’s newspaper, this is a habit of mine: reading the newspaper one day later makes the bad news appear less negative. Or so I believe …

One short article announcing the first black truffle market in our region on Saturday caught my attention.

Great, a market and food go well together, I wanted to see this and maybe even get a taste of the varied methods truffles can be used for.

It was set up in front of a quaint school building and the stands with the brightly striped tops added some colour:

The first black truffle market

The first black truffle market in our region


You will find some background information on the black diamonds here (in German, it will also give you the dates of the next events and markets in Switzerland) or there (in English).

Quite honestly, I got a little bit carried away, not only did I taste everything there but I also brought home lovely pictures of truffles

black beauties

what beauties!


and a huge truffle from Christine & Hans Schmid. They also breed Lagotto romagnola, a dog especially suited for truffle finding – I was quite taken with them!


Amongst my other treasures: truffle butter (a very fine recipe with truffle, butter, salt and cognac) from Jean-Maurice Linder. They have three beautiful black flat coated retrievers who help them to unravel the hidden black treasures.


Esther Bieri Zulauf from Schlaraffenland convinced me with her truffle mustard (will go well with boiled potatoes and cheese) and I could not resist some cheese with black truffles and truffle pesto (with anchovies) which will make some amazing bruschette.


Schlaraffenland means land of milk and honey


and a venison dry sausage manufactured by Fred (he shoots his own venision, smokes the meat and refines it)



venison dry sausage

with his truffled venison dry sausage



truffle apple gelée

apple jelly with black truffles


I you live in or travel around Switzerland, take a day trip and enjoy homemade pasta by congenial Tiziano Dugaro in his restaurant La Perla in Pieterlen near Biel.

Swiss truffles

Proud to be Swiss


Day #7: What a beautiful experience meeting the multi-talented people from all over Switzerland


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  1. wonderful market, wonderful products and a wonderful blog! hope to welcome you soon at schlaraffenland.ch in Rüderswil, Emmental!

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